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Rare Maned Lionesses Explained

On the right is a female with a big bushy mane, from the Mombo area in the Okavango Delta. At the bottom right she is standing next to the male of the pride and you can see she is smaller with more feminine lines. Apparently the lions in this area carry a genetic disposition toward this phenomenon. More details here:

via Isak Pretorius

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Saving this for later

triforce-kun asked:

I've been craving some good creepypasta lately, and I was wondering if you had any particularly good ones to recommend? I liked the Goat Man story a lot and thought maybe you knew of more like it :]


Hm, Goat man really is one of my favourites, I have a hard time picking out others to stand with it that everyone else hasn’t already heard of.

Some of my favourites that everyone has probably heard of already;

Generally I’m not a fan of the sort of “legacy characters” people try to create, like Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Smiledog, etc, but I do have a soft spot for some of those kinda long-running overworked story ideas;

  • The Rake (when he’s being written competently, kind of a Mothman appeal)
  • BEN Drowned (so many people have put their hands on this one there’s a lot quality flux, but the original nugget of the idea was good and the person who made it put a lot of effort into making supporting game capture files and stuff)
  • NES Godzilla is basically a novel but it’s pretty well structured (can’t attest to the end, I’ve been listening to it as Mr. Creepypasta narrates it on his channel and he hasn’t gotten to the last chapter yet)

Some lesser known ones that I hadn’t heard of until I started binging youtube Creepypasta;

  • Showers Part 1, 2, and 3 - Pretty good at building atmosphere, the first part is my favourite, where they’re listening to the teacher’s story but I like how it has a lot to do with kind of how folktales evolve as people skew events and pass them on.
  • No End House - It’s kinda corny and predictable, but I dunno what to say? I enjoyed it. I stayed late at work to finish listening to it even though I ran out of work to do, it’s just, I dunno… engaging? Despite having a lot of gore-for-the-sake-of-describing-gore, overall thumbs up. I guess I’d say I appreciate it’s creativity.
  • Cervine Birth - This one probably merits some trigger warnings for pregnancy and animal abuse, it’s a really weird, unsettling short one
  • Faulty Wiring - It’s not especially unsettling, it just preys on some very specific phobias of home invasion I’ve got so your mileage may vary.
  • Gristers Part 1,2 - Solid little short story, I could see it in a published horror anthology or something. More like a thriller story than something meant to make you feel unsettled.
  • Midnight Train 1,2 - Also more like a short story than a “creepypasta” per say, but entertaining
  • The Strangest Security Tape I’ve Ever Seen - Another well written, not terribly scary one

Annnnd, on the subject of legacy spooky internet stories I always feel like everyone has already seen this but then I remember it was online before some people active on the internet these days were even born, before “creepypasta” was a thing;

  • Ted The Caver - you absolutely have to read it on the original site, the crappy Angelfire layout and slow burn to the conflict is the whole charm of it. This is like the Blair Witch of the internet, when it first went up no one had seen anything like it and there were all sorts of people insisting it was a true story, it was great.

Bonus, a couple Pseudopods I like;

Might edit this as I think of more things to add

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